I'm Jak.

I'm a cooperator, a regenerator, and an optimizer. I try to make things smaller, simpler, more efficient, and more beautiful. I believe that the many crises we are facing as a global civilization are all directly interconnected, and come from the same root cause(s). I think, write, and advocate for a cultural shift towards cooperation, regeneration, and refinement as a default mode of being, as opposed to our current default of competition, extration, and growth.

As a trained worker, I am a software architect and engineer, though I no longer make a living doing that; I use my technical skills for ecological regeneration and community enrichment, instead of economic extraction. In my exploration of work as a source of joy, I've also become a wood worker, an amateur cook, a volunteer farmer, and a community organizer.

I've been told I'm a strong communicator, and I know that I'm a deep thinker. This space is a place for me to untangle, simplify, and share the connections that I've formed after a decade of critical thought and observation.

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