jakintosh.com May 8th, 2022: Building a Metaphysics

My name is @jakintosh.

This website is a space for me to share my work on a philosophical framework called cooperative coalescence. It is the result of my personal exploration into existential questions: "Why are we here?", "Why are things the way they are?", "How are things supposed to be?". It is informed by studying physics, philosopohy, complex systems, ecology, computer science, history, economics, and information theory.

I've reasoned about this framework from first principles, which means I've questioned and reexamined every single assumption I encountered, down to the philosophical nature of reality. I've been looking for truth, and I believe I've stumbled upon the edges; it is now my duty to share it.

Why should you care about an internet stranger's philosophical framework for structuring society and finding meaning in existence? Well, you don't have to. You can read everything I've written and make up your own mind.

— jak, february 2022

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About the Author

My name is Jak. I think about everything, all of the time. I dream of a simpler world, where people are free to truly live and work together with intention.

More importantly, I'm building that world.

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"Copyleft Forever, Human Kind"

The content of this site is licensed as copy(far)left [no copy rights reserved*], those terms hold forever, and the (lack of) copy rights are held in common by all of Human Kind.

In pseudo-legal terms: anyone except a privately owned enterprise can (and must!) share the contents of this site freely with anyone and everyone, with or without attribution. Individuals and worker-owned cooperative enterprises can reproduce or create derivatives of this work and sell those works commercially, with the stipulation that any derivative works must use this same license (that other non-corporate entities can remix and sell). This means you can create derivatives and earn money from them, but that those derivatives must be available in the public domain, with the same non-commercial-for-private-enterprise clause.

A non-legal ask from the author: the point is that these ideas belong to everyone. The spirit is not to create any paywalls; just like I have done the work of thinking, writing, and assembling these ideas for the benefit of the commons, I expect people in the future to also continute growing this work in the open commons. I only add the ability to commercialize to reduce the ambiguity of others being allowed to receive community funding or patronage to contribute to the work. Attribution is not necessary; in the spirit of the work itself, I don't believe these ideas belong to me or to anyone else... I see them as a universal truth that anyone can discover if they pay attention long enough. That being said, while legal, copying my words directly and claiming them as your own is just bad karma.

* with the sole exception that it may not be copied and distributed for private profit. Only individuals and worker-owned enterprises may copy and distribute this work commercially.

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