iPod 5.5G (2006)

I bought this iPod in September of 2006 and used it for probably a year before I got an iPod touch in the September of 2007. As a result, this iPod got very little use in its first iteration of life. I dug it out of a shoebox in February of 2024 in an attempt to reclaim a more intentional relationship to music.

/ipod-2006 Stream

February 25, 2024

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After a decade of using streaming services, I've been increasingly feeling disconnected from music. I rarely listen to music anymore, and haven't really found new artists or even new albums in about 4 or 5 years. With MGMT's latest album releasing on Friday, I was planning to buy it on vinyl and really celebrate its release, but did not have the time to actually get a new record player set up before it arrived. I still went to the store to buy a physical copy, but it felt weird to just listen to it on Apple Music, so I dug out my old /iPod 5.5G (2006) to add some amount of tactility to the experience of a new album.

A 2006 MacBook Pro sitting on an industrial-style desk plugged directly into a charging brick on an outlet sitting next to it on the table. Connected via USB to the laptop is a crisp white 5th generation iPod video with an open pocket notebook sitting between them and hanging just out of the frame.

At first I was wondering how I would possibly load music onto this iPod... but then I remembered that all of my daily driver linux laptops are old MacBooks that were from the same era as the iPod, and that they all have old OSX installs on a second partition. It's been a lot of fun the past few days to start trying to revive some semblance of an iTunes library, while also shuffling through the extensive music library that already existed on this iPod; it was mostly the music my dad was listening to in 2006, with a few albums from bands I like. As a result, I've been listening to a lot of Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffett, and Tom Petty these last few days.

Overall, it's been really nice to dig this iPod out of a drawer and reclaim the ability to just listen to high quality music with a headphone jack and without wifi.