MacBook Pro (2015)

A second hand machine that I inherited from my partner, when I gave her my newer 2017 MacBook Pro (which has since died, and been replaced with another 2015 MacBook Pro). This was my primary computer for most of the Summer and Fall of 2023 as I started using linux as my daily driver. Daily driver responsibilities were handed over to /MacBook (2007) in October when I took the train to NYC to visit family, and wanted to really put my vintage computers to the test.

/macbook-pro-2015 Stream

June 25, 2023

/stream /technology /linux /macbook-pro-2015

After running out of "time budget" to get /MacBook Pro (2006) up and running, I installed Arch Linux on my daily driver laptop, which is a /MacBook Pro (2015). Being somewhat recent, but not too new, the install was quick and painless and has had very few problems.

As I've been shifting my daily computing to Linux, one of the biggest gaps in my daily computer usage was a "stream of thought" note taking tool, which I usually use the Apple Notes.app for. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to write a zsh alias to create a "journal" command, and it turned out really well. `jrnl` creates a temp file, opens $EDITOR, then appends a timestamp and the contents to a file named with the date in the ~/.journal folder.

After that win, I also finally learned how to set up screenshots with the `scrot` tool, mapped it to an unused media key, and send them to ~/.screenshot.

Finally, I decided to learn how rsync works and set up a few more aliases for syncing the journals and screenshots to my home server; now I can replicate the files across all of my machines, and I'm one step closer to a personal "cloud". Most importantly, I can access screenshots on my phone, though I can't yet easily integrate my phone with my new "journal" set up.