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February 28, 2024

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Began working on a new /woodworking project: a three-legged stool made from the reclaimed lumber from my previous bed frame. The goal is to practice using reclaimed lumber, and to cut angled through-mortises by hand.

An isometric angle of a table saw. The blade is slightly protruding and a small 20-inch board of wood sits in front of it in preparation for a cut. In the foreground out of the way of the blade are two identical boards stacked neatly with a pencil and tape measure resting on top.

The three legs were made from a single 5-foot slat. First it was cross-cut into three 20-inch pieces, and then each piece was ripped in thirds again. Those three strips were glued together to create the thicker posts used to form the legs.

Three 20-inch laminated beams of pine rest against a white wall sitting next to a roughly 12-inch square by 1-inch thick panel of slightly nicer pine leaning at the same slight angle against the same wall.

For the seat, I took a roughly 2-foot segment of a long beam and glued it up into a squarish panel.