Tactical Urbanism


Tactical urbanism is the practice of making small scale changes to urban infrastructure outside of the official process for doing so. Generally, it means a group of citizens in a city or town choose to fund and build their own infrastructure, like benches or bike lanes, without authorization from the municipal government.

Tactical urbanism projects tend to be focused on safety infrastructure for cyclists, pedestrians, and children, since many cities in North America tend to be structurally unable to build this type of critical infrastructure.

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February 24, 2024

/stream /woodworking /tactical-urbanism

A friend and I spent some time on this very cold (but sunny) afternoon prototyping and chopping some dimensional lumber into benches.

Uniform groups of wooden planks leaning against an outdoor dark grey industrial wall with bright sunlight shining on the wood.

Benches are an easy and cheap way to make a place more welcoming. We've got some pretty decent and simple designs working using 2x6, 2x8, and 2x10 lumber, and only requiring a chop saw/circular saw and some screws. With enough motivation, you could do it with a decently sized hand saw as well. Once we get things working well, I'll share a guide to build them.

October 22, 2023

/stream /tactical-urbanism /woodworking /diy-pallet-barricades

Wrote out the bulk of what I learned from building street barricades out of reclaimed pallets last month, in an effort to get it in writing before I forget. Still need to revisit later to add images, and perhaps some 3D illustrations/animations for maximum impact.